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PerCheck includes great in-app features, a smart and easy-to-use interface, and intuitive graphics to help you build and organize your details and preferences, and maximize your PerCheck experience.

100% Anonymous Feedback

PerCheck someone is completely anonymous.
When leaving or receiving feedback, the other user is not
aware who left it, allowing all users to view honest and
unbiased feedback about their potential new connection or hire.

Virtual Rings

Committed or married couples can mutually
agree to include the ‘Virtual Rings’ icon in
their profiles, letting all users know about their
committment and significant other.

Core-Value Based User Scores

Feedbacks and scores are based on 10 different core-values such as honesty, professionalism, courtesy, and commitment reflecting who your next connection truly is as a person.

Start Perfect @ PerCheck

All users start perfect at PerCheck (100% Positive Score).
It is up to you to maintain a high-level profile and positive feedbacks.

Community users are rewarded with deser ved higher visibility spots based
on these genuine reviews which include and rate, carefully-picked core
values such as honesty, professionalism, courtesy, and commitment.

Digital Handshake

These connections must be mutually agreed to,
and no-one can influence your score without our “digital handshake”.

Our in app-features let users decide who they want to connect with
prior to interacting with them, based on accurate, true and
completely anonymous feedbacks from other PerCheck users.

Self-Improvement Video Portal

PerCheck includes features and tools to help users improve
their own core-values, and scores.

Your PerCheck connections are notified when you view videos
from our self-improvement series, giving them the option
to improve their last score for you.

Smart and Easy-to-Use PerCheck Features & Interface

Advertising with PerCheck

PerCheck offers advertising options to all our users, with a small ‘catch’.

Top Two page rankings for each categor y cannot be purchased by
advertisers and are only available to PerCheck users with the
highest-maintained profile scores.

In PerCheck you get rewarded with deser ved top-ranked spots
based on true efforts from you and your employees
in personal customer connections, not where ad-dollars can place you.

If you want to stand out, strive to be outstanding.

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